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I needed about 4 or 5 plastic fetuses for an art project I'm doing (maybe one day ill finish it and link it from here), but I could only find them in 50-bags. One can never really have TOO MANY plastic fetuses, so I went ahead and bought them and began giving the extras away to friends and enemies. Around number 4 or 5, I decided to start documenting thier fates for your amusement. Because everything I do, I do for you, my adoring public...you ungrateful sons of bitches. Enjoy. Check back often for updates.
photo coming soon

1. Origins

The day I recieve my bundle(s) of joy in the mail, I put a few in my bookbag and brought them along for company on the walk to a bar show in New Brunswick. Along the way I picked a red tulip, slipped a fetus into it, and put it under the windshield wiper of some random car.


photo coming soon

2. Bloody mary.

The next was dropped into a mixed drink at the bar...
"...fetal alcohol syndrome...tragic really"

Photos 1 & 2 will be "reenactments" because i didnt care to document all this at first


3. Wombless

This one was given to a friend...no interesting story behind it, really...it's just sitting in her room somewhere now.

4. Fetus, the other white meat.

A friend of mine works in a deli and shrinkwrapped the fetus I gave him. It even has a custom label that says "Fetus, Male, 6oz." He had some fun with it for a few days, slipping it into the deli case and messing with people, then later traded it for 2 shots, 3 beers, and 6 cigarettes.
None too shabby.


5. The Right Stuff.

This little guy was the finale for our fireworks show this 4th of July. It was a perfect, staggered, 3-stage launch from our custom-made 40 oz. launchpad. This little patriot went up about a quarter mile and returned to earth unscathed, to fly another day. Eat your heart out, Laika, you mangey Russian spacebitch! This is true grit. This is a TRUE cosmonaut. He's got the Spirit, that feeling.....that....AMERICA kinda feeling!


6. & 7.

6 & 7 were painted as Blue Demon, a Luchador (Mexican Pro Wrestler), and Super Dave Osbourne, respectively. Then I tied them to "It's a boy!" and "Baby Shower!" balloons, and gave them to the mercy of the winds with the following message on a little card.
This little explorer has been set free to wander the earth and find himself. If you find him first, please write to XXXXX@datamancer.net and let me know where he ended up. Thanks!"

I'll keep you posted if I actually get any replies

Goodbye, little guy!
(my back is turned to the camera to conceal my quivering lower lip...I'm really only half-kidding, it was a touching moment..I actually felt for this small lump of plastic)

8. Vitruvian Tot


This is one that some girl made for me. It was a Valentine's day present....yeah we were weird.


someone summon Godzuki!

10. But which came first?

My friend Jacob made this one. The fetus is inside a hollowed-out egg and backlit with a candle. Farmers will use this trick to check on the development of chicks in their eggs. Great concept, great execution. Thanks Jacob!


Here is his daring escape. hmm. I wonder... what a human fetus would look like with an eggtooth?


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