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If you know of any I might have missed, please bring them to my attention.

German 3Sat Television The German 3Sat network came to the workshop and shot a 4-minute video about my Victorian computer mods, including a sneak-pique of "The Clacker" PC (video on my blog)
PC World Steampunk Tech Mods and11 Pimped-out PCs
New Scientist Gallery of wild steampunk mods
Vanity Fair


February 2009's issue of Vanity Fair featured a short writeup about my Victorian keyboards (p.59)

IEEE Spectrum Magazine

(web and print)

IEEE Spectrum sent some photographers to the "lab" for this excellent article entitled, "The Steampunk Contraptors". Be sure to see the accompanying Photo Slide Show!

First Published October 2008

The Austin Chronicle

(web and print)

The Austin Chronicle put together these two amusing articles about the seemingly opposing but related genres of Sci-fi, Cyberpunk and Steampunk
Techie Diva Maker Faire Video's coverage of the steampunk enthusiasts at the 2008 Maker Faire.

Channel Web/CRN

"Steampunk Rising" - Channel Web put together this wonderful 25-part steampunk slideshow/article using bits and pieces of an impromptu interview I gave to a reporter while at the 2008 Bay Area Maker Faire
The Boston Phoenix

(web & print)
"Steam Dream" - The fine folks at the Boston Phoenix penned this 6-page article featuring lots of cool steampunk stuff
Bizarre Magazine

Alex Godfrey of Bizarre Magazine (U.K.) assembled a really cool, 7-page spread about Steampunk.

N.Y. Times

(web & print)
John Biggs wrote this interesting article about DIY tech and at-home tinkerer-entrepeneurs entitled, "Tinkering at Home, Selling on the Web".


(web & print)
Brian Braiker put together this well-penned article and photo gallery about Steampunk for

ForbesLife Magazine

My copper Baron of Cyprus keyboard was featured in the October 2007 issue of ForbesLife Magazine.

The Boston Globe

(web & print)
Mr. Peter Bebergal put together this very well written article about steampunk for the Sunday publication of The Boston Globe. It was featured in the "Ideas" section of the print publication and as an online article on the Boston Globe website.

Wall Street Journal Online

(also a copy of the same video on YouTube)

(web)'s Andy Jordan came by the workshop to shoot a short video segment about the current steampunk tech modification phenomenon.
It's a very well-voiced and edited video piece
(pardon my 104-degree-weather-induced frizzy afro)
Be sure to check out Andy Jordan's quirky and interesting Tech Dairy on

Wired Magazine


Gareth Branwyn of StreetTech and Make: Magazine put together this gallery of Steampunk builders for Wired magazine.
"Steam-Driven Dreams"
The second and third thumbnails are preview photos of my Steampunk Laptop.
Also Featured: Jake Von Slatt, Andrew Leman, Steampunk Magazine, The Neverwas Haul, CrabFu, Thunder Eagle Guitars, AlexCF, Greg Brotherton, Stéphane Halleux, Kaden Harris, Anthony Lucas, and Atomefabrik.

PAPER Magazine

(web and print)

May 2008 in print and on the web, January 24th 2009

CIO Magazine

(web and print)

CIO featured one of my Aviator keyboards in a print issue and my Steampunk Laptop in an online slideshow of 10 Luxury Laptops (I'm up there with a million-dollar laptop which is rather flattering!)

Ny Teknik - Sweden


Article and 14-image slideshow - 2/20/09
Maxim - Russia


April 2008
Six Degrees - Finland


May 2008

BITES Magazine - Brazil


January 2008
Allt Om Vetenskap - Sweden


May 2008

The Independant - UK

(web and print)

The British periodical, The Independant, assembled this list (and slideshow) of "pimped-out" laptops including my own Victorian Steampunk Laptop - October 15th 2008

Here are some assorted interviews I've participated in.

Interview/article with The Copper Development Association.
Gizmodo Talking about steampunk and future projects with Adam Frucci of

Aether Emporium
Website Interview

Interview for the Aether Emporium, a huge online wiki of steampunk articles and links

Boots & Roots
Magazine Interview

A new publication by the infamous Rev. Pedro Angel Serrano, the Boots & Roots Magazine
Key 64 Website Interview

This interview was part of the relaunch of the Key23 'Occulture' site which was renamed Key64.

HVG.HU Interview
This was an interview I did for the popular Hungarian business publication, HVG. The link to the left is to the Hungarian article but here is a link to a local copy of my original English version.


Honorable mentions and miscellany

N.Y. Times

The New York Times put together this article for their Fashion & Style section on May 8th, 2008 entitled "Steampunk Moves Between Two Worlds"

Eating My Words
Blog article

Mr. Matthews over at the Eating My Words blog has assembled a very thorough and well-written 5-part "primer" on steampunk culture, aesthetic, dress, music, arts and the future of steampunk entitled " An Electrodynamic Engineer's Primer."


Interview with Tinkergirl
of Brass Goggles
Mr. Fhur at the Paradigm Journal (from Rain Farm Press) has put together a nice feature about steampunk and included an interview with the charming and eloquent Tinkergirl from the Brass Goggles blog and forum.
Click on the "Features" button on the left menu.

Authority, Legitimacy, and Voice: Defining Steampunk

This article was written by Alexander Kraft aka "Anachronist" during the first few weeks after the opening of the Brass Goggles Steampunk Forum.


Design Observer Steampunk'd or Humbug by Design This was an article written by a narrow-minded crybaby trying to capitalize on the quasi-fame of the Steampunk scene to get some pageviews for his mediocre article. The one positive thing that came out of this was a very interesting collection of opinions and discussions in the comments section of the article.
Gogbot Festival Sterling Essay

Famous Sci-Fi author Bruce Sterling (one of my favs) writes about Steampunk for GOGBOT 2008


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