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This keyboard, now available in original black, or the new "Mac-centric" white, adds a splash of 1920's Machine Age charm to your home or office. It features a wooden frame, sanded, painted, and polished to a shine, then accented with chrome strips. The chrome keys feature an elegant Art Deco font and the chrome support rods make a nice contrast to the shiny acrylic faceplate.


The keyboard below was commissioned by a lovely young couple from Pennsylvania who just opened an Art Deco-themed independent movie theater/rental store and wanted a keyboard for their PoS register that would compliment their decor. If you're anywhere near Lansdowne, PA, take a trip to Cinema 16:9 to see the keyboard and check out their theater. It sounds like a very cool place.

"The keyboard arrived today and looks great! It looks perfect in the space & the action is very nice on it."

"Rich, I just wanted you to know that the keyboard you made for us is seriously perfect!
When we set out to open a movie theater and video store, we decided that we had to create a unique space to match our unique business concept. Our theater is a digital theater with hi-definition and theater surround sound, we refurbished and installed seats from the 1927 movie theater next-door, and we've got iMacs in the theater lobby for people to browse movie trailers for movies they might want to rent.
Everything about the business concept is custom, so it's only appropriate that our register is custom as well. With each transaction that we've made over the last few days, our customers have been leaning over, calling their friends over to look. "Oh, look at his keyboard! That's amazing."
I love the feeling of the keys, and it really adds to the aesthetic of making the old new."

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