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Frequently Asked Questions

"How much?"
     The approximate range on the "standard" models seen above is about $1100-1400 USD. Each keyboard is intricately handcrafted, rare, unique and priced as "art" rather than a "PC accessory"

"How long do I have to wait?"
      The typical turnaround time is about 2-3 weeks from order to arrival for one of the "standard" models seen above, though the delay time has been getting shorter lately as I streamline my processes. I also occasionally have an extra keyboard or two already assembled so it's possible to have a keyboard in just a few days. For more intricate keyboards, it could be a month or two. For super-custom, one-off work, it could be as long as a 6-month build process, but I provide many in-progress photos and discuss build details with you the whole way.

"Can I get one for my Mac?"
   Yes, you can! I use a multi-OS core in my keyboards which work well in any Operating System. If you request a Mac keyboard, I will add the appropriate Mac keys including F13-F15, Command and Alt-Option. Depending on the Mac OS version, you may have to swap the Command and Alt-option keys but that only takes one click of the mouse. My keyboards do not have a built-in USB port in them, so you'll have to run your mouse cord down to the PC instead.

"What do the keys feel/sound like?"
     The mechanical keys on most of my keyboards have the slightest bit of a tactile "click" or "snap" to them, which lends itself nicely to the "typewriter" theme of the keys and provides a nice sense of touch-feedback. They are slightly louder than a "soft touch" style membrane keyboard, but not obnoxiously so. On a noise scale of 1 to 10 with a laptop keyboard being a 1 and a classic IBM Model M keyboard being a 10, my keyboards are maybe a 3 or 4.

"What LED colors are available?"
     I currently have Red, Blue, Green, Amber/Yellow, Violet/Purple, and White.

"What's the connection format?
  All my keyboards are USB

"What materials and finishes are available?"
     I can build metal keyboards in brass, aluminum, copper, or steel in a brushed, polished, or antiqued finish. Wood keyboards can be made in any choice of stain or finish.

"What about the faceplate?"
     The most common materials are leather, felt, and wood, but I can make the faceplate material out of a wide range of materials including metal, fabric, or even paper (I add a sheet of clear protective acrylic)

"Can you tell me what "mechanical keyboard" actually means?"
     Most "soft-touch" style keyboards (like the one they give you for free when you buy a new PC) are called "membrane" keyboards, meaning that, underneath the keys are two thin plastic sheets, or "membranes", that each have half a circuit printed on them with a conductive material. When you press a key down, the key squishes these two flimsy membranes together, which momentarily connects the two halves of the circuit. This design is effective but not very robust and is very vulnerable to dirt, dust, liquids, aging, and is basically not supposed to last anyone more than a year or two. My keyboards are "mechanical switch" designs, meaning there is a separate physical electronic switch on each key which provides a much more reliable connection and is rated to industrial specifications (somelike like "over 20 million" duty cycles, or key presses). Comparable retail keyboards are the Matias Tactile Pro and the Das Keyboard.

"Do you offer foreign-language keyboards?"
     I plan to offer keyboards to the China/Taiwan/HongKong market very soon, but unfortunately I do not offer European keyboards at this time. I do hope to be able to offer them in the near future though.
"Ok, this all sounds great. I want one! How do I order?"  
     Drop me an email at and let me know what you would like. For the rest of the info, see below.

Ordering Info

Ordinarily I take a 50% deposit up front for parts and security, with the rest due upon completion. Paypal is the easiest method, but I will also accept personal checks and money orders. I offer free shipping within the contiguous United States, but will ship anywhere upon request. If you would like to research a shipping quote on your own, my keyboards usually ship in a box that is 24"x12.5"x8", weighs about 6 pounds, and departs from Chino, CA, 91710.

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