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This is a slightly modified von Slatt Original keyboard which uses the
esteemed Das Keyboard as a core and features a wooden faceplate.

The wooden bottom plate with brass access panel.
Here's what this keyboard's proud owner had to say about it...
   "It is beautiful and one-of-a-kind. It was made by a pair of human hands, and is the very antithesis of the heartless commodity that computer equipment has become. The steampunk theme recalls an age when technology was as much 'love and wonder' as 'labor'. It feels very solid. At first, I used it very gingerly, treating it like the work of art that it is. I just assumed that something fashioned out of hundreds of hand-shaped bits would be fragile. As time went by, I caught myself being careless now and then, banging keys out of emphasis or annoyance, and it hasn't skipped a beat. It does what it's supposed to, and looks fabulous, like a piece of furnture...a nice piece of furniture. It sits at the center of my workspace exuding craftsmanship and has become an object of desire among my friends. I think a little harder about what I type with it and now keep my drinks a minimum of 2 feet away from it.
    It works very well. The design does not get in the way at all. It has exactly the right amount of clickiness. The sound of it is wonderfully mechanical, a fair match for how the keyboard 'should' sound.

I asked for an heirloom, and I got one."

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