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Steampunk Laptop
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"The Streamline"
Art Deco
keyboard added!

White Deco
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Assorted stuff and nonsense

Mirror Candleholder

This heart-shaped mirror was made from sheet metal scraps, some round bar, and a flexible mirror sheet.

Matryshka Muertos

These were a set of unpainted Russian "matryshka dolls", or "nesting dolls". Each doll fits inside the next, and they all fit inside the largest one. Unlike most of these doll sets you see, this one was painted in a Mexican Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) folk art Style

Click for larger photo

Tribal Cigar Case

This was made for my brother's 30th birthday a few years back.

Click for more photos and info

Crown Connections
Auto F/X and Accessories

Englishtown, NJ

I was contracted to do the sign lettering and artwork all around this building one summer many years ago.

Click for more photos and info

Photoshop Stuff

Most of these are quicky, half-hour "vectordoodles"


Natural Mathematics

My homage to Pythagorus, Fibonacci, and natural numbers everywhere.


"pokemon" is a contraction of "pocket monsters"
This joke is brought to you by Insomnia and the letter "æ"


If you need a little clarification, look into the Buddhist ritual of sand mandala creation and destruction.



8-Bit Jolly Roger

Old School flava in your eyeholez


A picture is worth a thousand words...

Alchemist Sigil

My sexy alchemy-stylee sigil

Punk Rock Cameo

Quicky 10 minute design..i'll prolly clean it up a bit later


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They will be brutally enforced if necessary.

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